Brianza parks: Monza Park

From the Royal Gardens to Monza Park

Between stone bridges that cross small rivulets and confluents of the canals to the north of the Milan area, wide expanses of woodland and meadows as far as the eye can see, Monza Park is a jewel in the crown of Brianza’s scenic locations. It forms part of the Valle del Lambro Regional Park.


It also includes the historic Royal Gardens, namely the green areas belonging to the Monza Villa, a work by Archduke Ferdinand of Hapsburg-Este.


The royal gardens were created in the Eighteenth-Century by the architect Giuseppe Piermarini and inside them you can admire the rock garden, the large central lawn, the classical temple, the cave, the statute of Neptune and the waterfall.



The best routes in Monza Park

Monza Park is an architectural masterpiece and a work of landscape perfection that has few equals in our country. It is one of the most popular scenic locations in Brianza due to its beauty and importance such that it has become one of the most important in Europe.


In fact Monza Park boasts a broad collection of century-old trees including the group of three monumental beeches dating back to the Napoleonic era, the group of old oaks, two hornbeams and an old walnut tree.


Monza Park also has some exotic species such as the monumental cedar of Lebanon, the ginkgo plant typical of Japan and the America sequoia.

Monza Park offers to its visitors a rich array of guided paths to discover its wonders.


For the little ones, there is a fascinating path among the myths and legends born around the ancient trees of the Park and the mysterious path that leads to the gnomes’ wood.


One of the most interesting paths to take inside the Park is the route that allows you to cross the Lambro River in the discovery of numerous tree species and the enchanting bridges.