Brianza villas: Royal Villa of Monza

Royal Villa of Monza: neoclassical style in Brianza

The best places worth visiting in the Brianza area unmistakably include the Royal Villa of Monza.

This is a royal palace built in neoclassical style by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, which helps us to better understand the styles and trends of the Hapsburg family in the 18th century according to the model of the Lombard villas.


Later, it was also used as a residence of the Napoleonic viceroy of the Kingdom of Italy, as well as being home to the Savoys.

Currently, the Royal Villa of Monza hosts exhibitions, art events and the artistic high school of Monza.


Royal Villa of Monza: from the royal gardens to the mechanical fountains

The Royal Villa of Monza allows you to enjoy, from the top floor of the building known as Belvedere, charming views across the surrounding park.

Monza Park includes the Royal Gardens designed by the architect Giuseppe Piermarini.


In addition, annexed to the Residence, you can visit the Orangery, a greenhouse used to protect the citrus fruits in the winter period. It currently holds the precious collection of Monza botanical plants.

Adjacent to the Villa you can visit the scenic Royal Chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, a round Greek cross church. Inside, you can admire the rose windows, stuccoes, friezes, organ, altars and recesses.


Another essential location for those visiting the Royal Villa of Monza is the Rotunda is the Rotunda frescoed by Andrea Appiani with the mythological theme of Love and Psyche. It is the only architectural structure with circular shape on the architectural complex.


To amaze guests, many mechanical engineering methods were used that allowed the doors to disappear and the fountains to gush to the rhythm of music.