Salami precisely as it should be


Italy can boast a wide range of types of salami that can be differentiated between them in terms of quality of the ingredients, slaughter, production and curing. For that reason, the D.O.P. recognition obtained by Salame Brianza covers all production phases including the production territory: Brianza.


The Salame Brianza processing phases must in fact take place in this area included to the North by Mount Ghisallo, to the South by the Villoresi Canal, to the East by the Adda River and to the West by the Comasina State Road.


The unique characteristics of Salame Brianza D.O.P. come from this territory which is particularly suited to curing salted meats with its average altitude of above 350 metres above sea level and away from the Padane mists; it also boasts the Brianza tradition of developing and passing down from generation to generation the experience and secrets of pork meat processing.

A unique territory for salami of excellence


For the production of Salame Brianza D.O.P. the choice of meats is of primary importance; in fact, they must originate from pork farms located exclusively in three Italian regions: Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Piedmont.


To produce to the high quality certified product the Salami mixture must be made up only of pork meat produced according to a particular processing technique with the addition of salt and pepper (in pieces or ground).
Wine, sugar and/or dextrose and/or fructose, and/or lactose, starter ferment, sodium nitrate and/or ascorbic acid and its sodium salt and garlic in minimal dose may be added to the mixture.


To obtain Salame Brianza D.O.P. the curing phase must also follow very precise rules. It must occur at a temperature of between 9° and 13°C in rooms that guarantee a sufficient air exchange.
The drying phase of fresh salami varies depending on the diameter of the product and is included between a minimum of 3 weeks to 15 weeks for larger dimensions.


The respect of the production criteria guaranteeing at European level the quality of the Salame Brianza is ensured for consumers by the work performed by the Consorzio Salame Brianza which oversees the processing phases with its inspectors and authorises the use of the identification mark.