Brianza culinary excellences

From the Brianza culinary excellences to the birth of the Salame Brianza Consortium DOP.

This continuity between the various generations and the passing down of precious secrets was fundamental for allowing new generations to discover Brianza’s culinary excellencies.


From the Adda River to Milan, to the shores of Lake Como, these lands continue to offer cereal and plant cultivations that represent almost all the Brianza farming production.


This territory still today offers some native excellencies, such as: Brianza parsley, cavolo cappuccio cabbage, Albavilla chestnuts and walnuts and hazelnuts of the Brianza hills. There are also excellent cheeses such as quartirolo, stracchino and gorgonzola, which owe their quality to the excellent Brianza forage.

A fundamental role is also played by the traditional Brianza salami-making art: Salame Brianza, luganiga di Monza and prosciutto crudo di Brianza are just some of the local products of excellence.


It is precisely from the desire to preserve these ancient products that the SALAME BRIANZA CONSORTIUM DOP came to life.