Authentic flavour

Salame Brianza Consortium

In 1978 the Salame Brianza Consortium was founded by some producers with the aim of protecting and safeguarding the characteristics and authenticity of Salame Brianza, including its centuries-old tradition.
The Consortium focuses its activity on defending and protecting the production and marketing of Salame-Brianza and at safeguarding the typicality of the product.


The Salame Brianza Consortium associates the producers of Salame Brianza distributed in the Lombardy provinces encompassed by Brianza: Lecco, Como, Monza and Milan.


The purposes of the Salame Brianza Consortium are:

– To defend and protect the production and marketing of the product

– To lay down directives for safeguarding its typicality

– To develop research programmes

– To promote Salame Brianza through advertising and marketing initiatives


In addition, the Salame Brianza Consortium controls all manufacturing phases and certifies the authenticity of Salame Brianza, authorising use of its identification mark.
To do this, the Consortium’s inspectors attend at the manufacturing phases, documenting their conformity with the specifications and the requirements in regulating production.

Salame Brianza and Denominazione di Origine Protetta (Protected Designation of Origin)

Thanks to the work of the Salame Brianza Consortium, on 12 June 1996 Salame Brianza obtained the Denominazione di Origine Protetta (D.O.P.) European Certification thereby becoming a product recognised and protected by European legislation.


The Salame Brianza Consortium’s activities continue with:

– the commitment to improve and preserve Brianza’s century-old tradition of processing pork meats to pass down to future generations

– the commitment to protect consumers, guaranteeing the quality of a unique product

– the commitment to inform consumers of the characteristics and importance of protecting and preserving one of the most important Italian food products of excellence

A land with precise boundaries.

Regulation of Salame Brianza D.O.P.

The requirements that make salami a Salame Brianza D.O.P. involve a particular combination of natural environmental conditions and skilful human attributes.


The affixing of the brand mark guarantees absolute quality to the consumer, as it certifies the conformity of the manufacturing methods with the Consortium Regulation, the completion of the required curing period and the existence of the product characteristics prescribed by the production regulation.

Production area

The typical production area of Salame Brianza corresponds to the mainly hilly area of Brianza characterised by particular climatic conditions that differ greatly from the surrounding areas, given the particular position of the territories, also influenced by the presence of lakes.


In fact, the natural elements are exploited, using traditional methods, to encourage the establishment of particular enzymatic processes and the biochemical transformation of the product occurring during the curing phase, following a precise process thanks to the existing ecological conditions.


In particular, given also the average altitude and location of the hills, the climate is particularly mild compared to the neighbouring areas, leading to a particularly favourable situation for the curing of Salame Brianza.
The particular meteorological conditions, with significant thermal excursion in the summer months between day and night, have always been skilfully exploited by master Brianza salami-makers.


The European D.O.P and I.G.P. protection marks are tools that allow for the quality and prestige of Italian local typical products to be protected.


The production regulation of Salame Brianza D.O.P. guarantees the origin of the ingredients and the curing characteristics.


The real Salame Brianza D.O.P. is produced by member companies of the Salame Brianza Consortium which guarantees respect of the production regulation.