Brianza and the Briantei Lakes

Brianza, a borderland between Milan and Como, boasts a unique territory due to the beauty of its landscapes, described by Stendhal and Parini in their verses.

Also known as the land of the Briantei Lakes, it includes the valleys of the Seveso and Lambro Rivers and the Molgora stream.
The walks immersed in greenery, fauna and flora and the five different lakes cannot fail to enchant visitors.


From Lake Annone to the Cypress Island of Lake Pusiano

Lake Annone is the largest of the Briantei Lakes and its backdrop is made up of several mountains.
The stretch of water is divided into two adjoining parts from the peninsulas of Isella and Annone, once connected by an old Roman bridge.

The lake is home to numerous varieties of flora and fauna and lends itself to multiple sporting activities including canoeing and kayaking, fishing and wonderful trips that can be enjoyed along the cycle path.


Lake Pusiano is located on the slopes of Mount Cornizzolo; it has glacial origins and is fed by the Lambro River.
The landscape that can be enjoyed from its shores is breathtaking: in fact, you can see glimpses of the Orobie pre-Alps to the north and Brianza to the south.

The true pearl of this lake is, however, Cypress Island: this is a natural hill populated by about 130 cypresses, some of which are centuries old.

Therefore, a visit is a must and during your time here, you will come across different species of fauna including peacocks, herons and swans.


Lake Alserio in the Valle del Lambro Regional Park

Lake Alserio is immersed in the Valle del Lambro Regional Park and it has been designated, by the European Union, a Site of Community Interest. The numerous reed beds that surround the waters actually make this area particularly humid and several animal species create their home there.

There are four different alternative routes and each one provides views of castles, villas, wash houses and much more, in addition to the natural beauties.

Lake Montorfano

Lake Montorfano, of glacial origin, is the smallest Brianteo lake by extension. It is round in shape and is located within the Lake Montorfano Nature Reserve.

The northern bank, as evidenced by various finds dating back to the Bronze Age, has been home to settlements since ancient times.
A walk through the area surrounding the body of water allows you to immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere, which brings to mind the moor.

The wooded area is, in fact, rich in heather plants and trees of various species including the hornbeam, chestnut, oak and Scots pine.
Finally, in winter, the lake provides an evocative spectacle as it completely freezes over.

Lake Garlate

Lake Garlate, formed by the Adda River, is located to the south of the valley of Lake Como and has become famous for being mentioned by Alessandro Manzoni in The Betrothed.
It forms part of the Lakes Cycle Path, a path that runs for about 270 km, and boasts points of interest including the Silk Museum of Abegg and the Church of Santo Stefano.