Salame Brianza D.O.P


Salame Brianza is one of the food excellencies of Lombardy and the Brianza territory such as to merit the prestigious recognition D.O.P. (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) attributed by the European Union to high quality food products able to enhance the characteristics of their geographical area of production.


These international recognitions are precious for Italian food heritage as they allow for our products to be protected from imitations and commercial attacks of competing countries.
Brianza, thanks to its particular climate, has transformed this territory into the cradle of Salame Brianza D.O.P. , one of the most flavoursome Italian salami.


It is a salami with a centuries-old tradition which is purely handmade in its initial phase, only then to move on to a more industrial phase able to maintain the quality of the product and to conserve the precious teachings of Brianza salami-makers of previous generations.


The first historical testimonies of pig breeding in Lombardy, from which the tradition of Salame Brianza D.O.P., has its origin, date back to ancient Greece and the Roman period. The Gallic populations then settled in the Brianza territory and developed and perfected the techniques of development and conservation of pork meats.


The production of real salami dates back to the Lombard era and was optimised by the monastic orders present in the Lombardy region which encouraged the processing and sale of pork-derived products.


The notoriety of Brianza salami also developed thanks to the appreciation deriving from inhabitants of the major cities of Lombardy who stayed during holiday periods amid the hills and lakes of Brianza.

El salam l’è el salam




Salame Brianza is produced exclusively from pork mixture to which salt, pepper in pieces or ground pepper and in some cases wine are added.

Based upon the size of the salami, the grinding of the mixture varies so as to obtain a finer grain for the smaller pieces and a slightly coarser grain for the larger sizes.


The Salame Brianza curing period can vary from between 3 to 15 weeks depending on the size. It is available in two formats:

– with maximum weight after curing of 300 g and grinding at 4-4, 5 mm (finely ground)
– with maximum weight after curing over 300 g and grinding at 7-8 mm (coarsely ground)


Salame Brianza D.O.P. has a compact consistency, cylindrical shape and ruby red colour paste. When tasted, the flavour is delicate and sweet but never sour.

Salame Brianza D.O.P. can be stored in the refrigerator wrapped in a cloth or in dark, cool and ventilated rooms.


Salami may form part of the usual diet with the classic sandwich, as an appetizer or as a main course. It goes very well with fresh or aged cheeses, with some fruits such as apples and pomegranates and it can be used in tasty recipes.