Brianza Parks: the Valle del Lambro Regional Park

Valle del Lambro Park: nature, architecture, tradition and legends of Brianza

History, culture, architecture: paths and traditions

Among all the Brianza parks, the Valle del Lambro Regional Park is definitely one of the vastest natural areas in Italy, with its 36 towns distributed between the provinces of Como, Lecco, Monza and Brianza.

A unique location able to combine tradition, legend and geological paradises that every year attract increasing numbers of visitors and tourists, with a vast range of paths, villas, cycling and pedestrian routes, rural farmhouses, and natural horizons of rare beauty.


These locations are still able to tell, through nature and architecture, of the history of the park (and not just that) by way of evocative paths and numerous guided visits.

The paths are mainly pedestrian but there are also reserved areas for bike enthusiasts with one of the best cycle paths in Lombardy. There are in fact many organised routes to be enjoyed on two wheels.


Splendid Brianza villas

In the park you can admire the numerous Brianza villas, as well as castles and palaces. The most evocative villas include Villa Taverna – Canonica, Villa Mellerio, Villa Crivelli and Villa Sacro Cuore.


In addition, you can visit at Bosisio Parini the Parini House Museum, dedicated to the Italian poet and writer Giuseppe Parini, a testimony of 18th century life with images and words also illustrating the poet’s life.

Farmhouses and still working mills

An even more ancient and rustic touch is given by the Brianza farmhouses that offer enchanting insights into ancient times and incredible views over rural areas.

Cascina Frutteto, Cascina Verana, Cascina sul Colle del Simonte are just some of the beauties to be visited.


Another characteristic of the Valle del Lambro Park are the mills. The Mills of Brianza are ancient and date back to the year one thousand. Thirty mills can be admired along the banks of the river between Monza and Merone.

The most famous include Mulino Colombo, Mulino Sovico, Mulino Resica. There are only two mills still functioning: the Baggero Mill (of which only one wheel can be activated) and the Ronchi Mill (Peregallo di Briosco).

A holiday in nature with eyes focused on the sky

In addition to the discovery of ancient locations, natural oases, old farmhouses and castles, villas and natural panoramas, the Valle del Lambro Park is able to offer a broad view of Brianza farming culture and much more.

In fact, there are numerous astronomical observation events in collaboration with amateur astronomy groups to observe the phases of the moon and other planets.


The Valle del Lambro Park thus reveals itself to be a complete location where you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday surrounded by nature and antiquity, discovering traditions, legends and ways of living in times gone by, not forgetting the direct contact with nature.