Brianza: Baggero Oasis at Merone

A nature reserve a stone’s throw from the city

Do you want to have fun and relax during your holidays and free time? The Baggero Oasis is the perfect place for you.

It is a nature reserve, made up of lakes, woods and panoramic paths. It is found within the Valle del Lambro Regional Park covering 26 hectares and four towns: Merone, Monguzzo, Lambrugo and Lurago d’ Erba.

An oasis in the Valle del Lambro Regional Park

The Valle del Lambro Regional Park includes the lands close to the Lambro River. The current area of the Valle del Lambro Park covers 8,107 hectares, of which 4,080 hectares are a natural park. The landscapes and nature are magnificent. There are also many villas and their historical gardens.


The park is made up of plateaus, small river valleys, irrigation channels and even streams. Many activities have been developed for park visitors, such as excursions on foot and by bicycle. With its relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, it is a perfect location in which to relax. The Baggero Oasis, a protected nature reserve, has formed part of the Valle del Lambro Regional Park since 2002.

Baggero Oasis: an oasis of tranquillity

Baggero Oasis is a protected oasis characterised by two lakes, lush vegetation and small waterfalls. Their origin is artificial, resulting from skilful work of environmental recovery of the marl quarries in this area.

Via a raised pontoon, you can visit both the ponds in the discovery of the rich surrounding vegetation.
Baggero Oasis is the perfect place to take a walk with the family and to enjoy nature.

Activities offered by Baggero Oasis

Inside Baggero Oasis there is children’s play area, a convention and conferencing centre and a hostel. There is a Star Oasis for astronomical observations.

Numerous events are organised at Baggero Oasis: animated readings for children, themed exhibitions and artistic workshops.