Brianza museums: Leonardo Da Vinci Eco-Museum

The Adda River and Leonardo da Vinci, love at first sight

What have the Adda River and Leonardo da Vinci got to do with it? The Florentine genius stayed for a long time in Milan and the Brianza Pre-Alpine valleys were one of his favoured destinations.


Here, he took inspiration for some of his most important works and he also had some amazing ideas.


In fact, Leonardo’s notes often feature the rapids that form a short distance away from the Santuario della Madonna della Rocchetta of Cornate D’Adda: this breath-taking landscape was reproduced by the maestro Da Vinci in one of his most famous paintings, the Virgin of the Rocks.


From Leonardo da Vinci to the UNESCO heritage workers’ village

Leonardo da Vinci’s intervention on the Adda River has a more direct aspect, because the great maestro did not simply limit himself to reporting this landscape view in his Codex Atlanticus.


The locks he designed were fundamental for making the Adda River navigable.

The eco-museum on the Adda River dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci is located on the river bank and follows its course for several kilometres.


Walking along the museum path, completely of cycling-pedestrian nature, you can discover the wonders of the surrounding nature, as well as observe important historical, engineering and architectural locations.


Particular attention should be paid to the Leonardo Da Vinci passage and the various studies he performed here in the hydraulic field.


Still in the open-air museum, you can visit numerous military fortifications and the workers’ village of the Crespi family, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.